Monday, March 12, 2007

This Is The Week!!!!

In just a few short days my family will be en route to Addis Ababa in order to join up with the other part of our family!!!! In church yesterday a little girl wanted me to hold her during praise and worship. I picked her up and was taken aback by how she held herself upright in my arms. It was exactly what it felt like to hold Mihret. She was the exact same size and had the exact same posture. I closed my eyes as the tears rolled down my cheeks, realizing that the next time I stand in church, I will be holding my very own precious daughter. God has been so good to our family through every horrible step of this adoption. In the darkest moments, He has been there with us. The Bible says that even when weeping lasts through the night, joy will come in the morning. Our night felt like it was very long and there was much weeping. But our morning has finally arrived and as the light of dawn is shining brighter and brighter on our family, our joy is increasing. God is so very good.


HawkOsky said...

Our dossier, scheduled for "overnight" delivery was lost in the mail for a couple days. While I was busy being upset over it, I thought about the horrors of your adoption journey. The delay of our dossier's arrival didn't seem so significant when compared to your circumstances. I'm so thankful that you will be traveling soon and will be praying for God's blessings on you and your family. Rhonda

Anonymous said...

I keep checking your site and avery's to know when you travel! I cannot wait to read your reunification post!


7,812 Miles said...

I am so excited for you and your family! It has been a terribly long road for you all - but soon you will have your kiddos home and you will be a complete family! I am so looking forward to reading about your trip to Ethiopia and about how the kids adjust to their new home!
Safe Travels!

Elizabeth F. said...

The joy does come in the morning! So many times I have walked down that road. Not adoption, but you know a hard time. I'm sooo excited for you guys. Sorry I was not able to be there on I hope you were pleasantly surpised and were blessed, as you are a blessing to others. I hated missing the joyous celebration!

owlhaven said...

Heather, I am so very thrilled for you!!!!! I remember standing in church having that very same revelation several times myself.



reneegrace said...

yeah yeah!!

I am so excited for your family... I'll be praying you hae a great trip and a great transition as a family!!

Chuck and Jenny said...

Finally! I have learned so much from reading both your blog and Avery's. Many many congratulations on having ALL your family together very very soon! Congratulations! God has done some very great things!

ethiopian immigrant said...

good luck and can't wait to read your blog with the good news -- born and raised in Addis and calling the U.S. home for a decade now, I know I'm not doing half of what you're doing to the kids who're probably in my own neck of the woods and that's a shame... the world needs good people like yourself, your husband, Kaitlyn and, of course, Lucas who want to adopt them all.... somebody sent me your link and read your blogs over the weekend -- can't tell you how many times you made me cry -- not just your blog, but also similar blogs of your readers...thanks again for all the good you do and God bless!!!!!

KelseyChristine said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!! Times like...infinity!

Thank you Jesus!

Bek said...

I am so happy that the day has come!! Good luck and safe travels.

Vanessa said...

Safe travels. God bless. We're really looking forward to seeing the new family photos of all of you together (finally!).

Seth and Vanessa