Saturday, July 21, 2007


I cannot find the cable to connect the camera to the computer yet, but I'll share some that were taken before Lucas went into the hospital in May. This first one was taken at our church when we had a special celebration and day where we dedicated all four of our children to God, vowing to raise them in the love and knowledge of Him. As you can see, they were all a little bit shy standing in front of our church!

Truly, I have two babies and this picture proves it. They are both sooooo snuggly! I love it!
This was taken at a baseball game right after Mihret didn't get her way. This is the "I just got told no" position. We see it A LOT! LOL

This photo was taken right after we finally convinced Yosef and Mihret that it wasn't really cotton, but that it was made out of sugar and they really could eat it. I can't believe that I used to actually like this stuff!

My sweet little Lucas. Love that dimple!
Does this look like a crew that would ever fight or squabble?!?!?

Girls, Girls, Girls

Me, my girls, and my dear friend, Abeba

My family with my dear friend, Rosa

Kaitlyn braiding Mihret's hair and Mihret braiding her doll's much time I would save if Kaitlyn could actually do a nice job on braiding this girl's hair! Ahhh...I braided it tonight and I'm down to just one hour on a simple braid job that will last a week.


Julie said...

Love the photos! Keep them coming!

Heather said...

Thanks for the update and the great photos. What a beautiful family! I have been checking in on your blog for awhile now and always love your posts. Thanks for blogging! ~Heather

Mekeya said...
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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I just saw the video on You Tube... oh... I was having a quiet little sob to myself and all the kids are looking so happy... my husband and I are in the middle of an adoption of our daughter from China... taking longer then we were told but hey... all good things come to those who wait... best of luck... take care..