Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kids...Gotta Love 'Em!

Okay, my kids are just so great that I have to take a break from writing about our trip to Ethiopia so that I can write about the here and now. They are so great! All four of them. I just love them all to pieces. Even on the really bad days (Yes, there have been some REALLY bad days!), I am so thankful that I have them. Being separated from two of them was pure anguish to my heart. I am so thankful for the opportunity to mother these kids, FINALLY!!!!

Anyway, here are a few cute moments we've had together....

Lucas: Grrrrr.... (Obviously grouchy demeanor)

Yosef: You are funny, Lucas!

Lucas: I AM NOT FUNNY!!!! Grrrrrr.....

Yosef: Yes, you are funny!

Mihret: Lucas funny!

Lucas: NO I'M NOT!!!

Yosef: Okay, Okay brother. You are not fun (not understanding the difference in the words "fun" and "funny")

Mihret: No, not fun.

Lucas: (absolutely exasperated and in tears), I AM TOO FUN!!!!!! *SOB*

Mihret decided one day that she was tired of the outfit she was wearing and wanted a different outfit. I told her that she would have to wait until the next day to wear her other outfit. She wanted to know why she had to wait. I told her that mommy doesn't like to have to wash a lot of clothes. Coming from a place where people handwash everything, she looked at me and giggled saying, "Noooooo! Not YOU, Mommy! This can wash!" as she pointed at the washing machine. :)

Yesterday morning I told Yosef to "go upstairs and get dressed." He looked at me in disbelief and said, "Dress???? I am not a girl!"

Last night Mihret told me, "I am love love love love love injera!"Lucky for her, I just made some and it turned out really good!

And, one of my favorites, our neighbor gave us their trampoline the week after we got home, as their kids are too old and have lost interest. Earlier this week, I looked out the kitchen window to discover Lucas and Yosef on the trampoline with their bicycles! I didn't even take time to take a picture, though I wish I had! But there were arms and legs hanging in the balance!


Life in Fitzville said...

Too funny! The language stuff always cracks me up... amazing how difficult English is when you stop and think about it. Our son has been here over a year and we still hear things occasionally. Just this morning we were at a battle re-enactment for Patriot's Day (Massachusetts thing) We were talking about the cannons and guns going off...and he said "Don't you mean on? It went ON didn't it?" I was at a loss to explain why when guns or cannons go "on" we say they are going "off".

Owlhaven said...

Awesome that they are settling in well.... sooooo glad they're home!


abesha said...

call me crazy but one of the things that just light me up here in the U.S. is seeing Americans with abesha outfit.... ohhh thank you for making my day... awesome picutre...

Laura said...

I love these little anecdotes about life at home with your entire family! Thanks for taking a moment to share with us.