Friday, April 27, 2007

Update On Bird Catching

Catching birds has now become an obsessive past time for Yosef and Lucas. Mind you, they haven't actually caught another one yet. But their system is now quite complex. It involves a series of buckets propped up by sticks that have a string tied around them. They put some birdseed under the bucket, then wait at a distance ready to yank the string and drop the bucket down on top of the poor unsuspecting creatures. Also, They have designed two luxury bird condos out of cardboard boxes. Lucas made a trail of birdseed that leads up to the front door on his bird condo. So far, no bird has been stupid enough to actually go inside. But it's a good thought! Today is a rainy day at our house, and they're both quite disappointed that they can't go outside to catch birds today. The birds are probably quite relieved though!

Also, I've decided that we must officially be past the hardest part of the transition. I have had an entire week now that has been mostly good! We haven't had any major meltdowns (for the record, I didn't even have any meltdowns this week!), no major fits, no major fights, no major episodes. And bedtime has been smooth for over a week now. The thing that made me decide we must be past the roughest part though was the fact that I stayed sick in bed for an entire day this week and the house didn't completely fall apart in my absence! Mind you, I'm still cleaning up from that one awful day. But no interpersonal relationships fell to pieces that day. :)

I leave you with a few pics of my Yosef working diligently on his bird condo. Enjoy!


Biby Cletus said...

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cathy said...

I LOVE when kids get creative surges and work together. How fun. Glad things are going smoothly at your house. Sorry you were sick. Blessings.