Friday, July 27, 2007

Severely Burned Ugandan Child

The following is a public letter from World Help, an organization committed to feeding hungry children throughout the world. Last year, our family had the blessing of hosting two of World Help's sponsored children who are currently on tour with a Children of the World choir to raise awareness and funds for children who are not yet sponsored. Oliviah from Uganda and Sowmya from India stayed with us and were both such preciouus little girls. This letter concerns a Ugandan child who was severely burned recently. My little Lucas was burned quite badly this past spring and was very sad for this Ugandan child. He is going to write her a letter because he knows the pain she is experiencing. It reminds me of a sweet little boy in Texas who sent my Lucas an email and called him on the phone because he too had been burned quite badly and wanted Lucas to know that the burns do indeed get better in time. God used that little boy's wounds to help my Lucas heal. And now God is giving my Lucas a chance to allow his wounds to be used to reach out to little Dorothy. Won't you reach out to her too?

Thank you for partnering with World Help through your gifts and prayers. Together we are impacting millions of lives around the world, both now and for eternity.

We recently received word from our partner in Uganda of a terrible accident involving one of our sponsored children. Ten-year-old Dorothy was lighting a lamp when she spilled kerosene on herself and was burned by the flames. She suffered third degree burns over 20-30% of her body including her face, chest, arms and down her body.

Dorothy was immediately rushed to the hospital where she remains today. Recently a World Help staff member was in the area and able to check on her, and what she found is heartbreaking. Even after her initial treatment, Dorothy was still in excruciating pain, covered in severe burns and open wounds across the front of her body. While she is beginning to heal, her recovery will involve several surgeries and painful procedures. Undeterred, Dorothy is anxious to return to school and has hopes of becoming a teacher one day. Please pray for her full recovery as she perseveres through this trying time.

We have committed to pay all of Dorothy’s medical expenses and provide full support through her recovery. In her honor, World Help’s Child Sponsorship Program has begun a Medical Emergency Fund to use in cases like these where immediate medical action is necessary. If you would like to contribute to this cause, click here to make a secure online donation, or call our office at (800)-541-6691.

Thank you again for your continued support. You are truly providing help and hope, and together we are making a difference!

Vernon Brewer, President


Elizabeth F. said...

That's such an awesome story about Lucas getting an email and call from that far away. You are so awesome, always getting involved in such worthy causes. I love the heart that God has given you for people. How's school going?

Jenn said...

Hi Heather!
I just checked in with your blog and found your post about adopting from Uganda. My husband and I started our adoption journey in Uganda, but ended up switching to Ethiopia. However, I have contact information for the orphanage in Uganda that we were working with, if you are interested.

Please email me at
if you would like the information.

I know for a fact that this particular orphanage has been able to have the residency requirement waived for several adoptive families here in the US.

So glad your family is doing well!

Jenny W said...

hi heather! i'm elizabeth's friend jenny, met you the other night at ryans. elizabeth talks about you guys all the time, with the kids and your passion for ethiopia. the older i get the more socially conscious i become...and the more selfish i realize i am, not only as an american but as a citizen of the world. trying to be eco-friendly, trying to serve, trying to fulfill God's Destiny for me and my family...ugh it makes me tired! so nice to meet other mommies though who really are purposeful in how they live; glad you have a blog so i can try to keep up with your stories! be blessed...