Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Staph is such a nasty word at our house right now. Staph as in staph infection. Lucas has been fighting an ongoing staph infection in his burn since last November. In March, it was cultured and it was not MRSA. But, it's come back quite strong in the last two weeks. He took a full round of antibiotics and the day after he finished, it was worse than before. We do not know what type of staph he has now. It may be MRSA, or it may be a different antibiotic resistain type. Regardless, it's agressive and resistant. That means that antibiotics aren't clearing it up. Instead, it's developed a resistance to antibiotics and is having a field day in his little body right now. It has once again become systemic, meaning that it's not confined to the burn site, but is manifesting throughout his body as little sores on his skin. We greatly appreciate any prayers offered to Jesus, who I am reminded died for every disease, including nasty resistant staph infections.

What I have learned is that antibiotics, hand sanitizer, and lysol are wonderful most of the time. But if you ever notice, antibacterial products say that they kill "99.9%" of germs. That means that the remaining .1% were strong enough to survive the poison bath they just received. Not only that, but they're pretty smart little critters and they know that they must mutate in order to resist future attacks waged against them by moms and teacher everywhere. Once they mutate, they're even stronger and they're even harder to kill. Yikes. What a viscious cycle.

Thanks for praying! We're hoping that one of the sores will manifest itself to the point that we will be able to take Lucas to the doctor to have a sample taken. The problem is that the majority of the infection is deep within the scar tissue and the doctor has been unable to successfully obtain a sample for a culture to determine what we're fighting. He sees an Infectious Disease doctor in early Oct. Hopefully, we'll have some idea of what this staph looks like by then. I'll keep my blog posted when I know more.


JourneytoFamily said...

Oh Heather, that's awful! I'm praying!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Heather.
I pray for you and may be this will help


Dave and Rae said...

Our prayers are with you...

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Amber said...

Im sorry to read about all that you are facing right now. We have begun to find our daughter in Ethiopia and to blog about that. If you would like to exchange links with us so we can read you again that would be awesome.

let me know,

Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia said...

I hope you don't mind that I've posted a link to your blog on our blog. I'd love for as many of our adoptive families as possible to get to share in the journey of other adoptions for Ethiopia!
God's best blessings,
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Jill said...

Hi Heather, This is Thomas's mom...the little boy who was burned in a campfire. I haven't checked on y'all in a while. I hope that by now the staph infection is all gone, but if not, you might try using Manuka honey on it and any of the nasty staph patches on the rest of his body. I pray that he keeps healing!!

beckyjam said...

a friend of mine has found that tea tree oil is very helpful topically applied on a staph infection. I have seen it at WalMart in the African hair products section. Hope that helps.