Saturday, February 03, 2007

God Is So Cool...

I wanted to call this post "God Is An Awesome Secretary" but I didn't because I was afraid it would seem like I was being trite about a really cool thing that God has done for our family. But seriously, it was a matter of God arranging my schedule ever so precisely.

I have never had any inclination to ever call any radio station to win a contest before. Before yesterday that is. I was driving home with Lucas in the backseat and the radio was turned down because we were chit-chatting about 5-year-old "stuff." As we pulled into the driveway, we finished talking, and so I turned the radio back up just in time to hear the DJ say, "So, if your kid has an unusual name, be caller number three right now to win." They gave the phone number and I just automatically got out my cell-phone and started dialing. I had no idea why I was doing this, as I had never done it before. But I'm prone to random moments of, "Ahhh. I think I'll do this right now!" So, wouldn't you know it, I was caller number three. I had no idea what I was winning. I told the DJ all four of our kids' names and he wanted to know the story of how Yosef and Mihret got their names. I explained and he told me about my prize, a DVD.

So about ten minutes goes by and the phone rings. The radio station was calling me back because a woman had called and left her number and wanted me to call her. I called this woman and it turns out that a friend of hers had heard me on the radio. This woman lives only about 40 minutes from us and she just brought home her 4ish year old daughter from Ethiopia last September! I was so excited! And she was so excited too because up until yesterday she had absolutely no Ethiopian connections in our state. Our state has a really cool network of Ethiopian adoptive families and she didn't even know about it. So perfect!

Obviously God so sovereignly arranged my schedule yesterday as well as the schedule of this woman's friend so that we could get connected with each other. Oh, it's even better. The woman's parents live in the same town as us about 2 minutes down the road. She comes to our town all the time and she's going to come see us at our house today! So, I don't want to minimize the role of the Sovereign God of the universe, but He is indeed sovereign over the smallest details of our lives!

And, as though that isn't good enough, I have had such an incredible peace about our adoption. It's all so simple, and yet I'm so quick to forget. When I keep my focus on God and not my circumstances, God fills me with incredible peace and faith. When I choose to dwell on my circumstances, I feel tormented inside. So, the choice is obvious, isn't it?! And God is so faithful that He gives us opportunity after opportunity to make the choice to choose Him over our circumstances. Thank you for all of your prayers this week, this month, this year! One day at a time.

I am currently waiting for my injera starter to rise so that I can cook it. I have video taped each step in the process, so if the end result is successful, then I will be posting it next week. So, get a good strong starter going so you'll be ready!


richlisad said... do you start your starter?

Heather said...

Go to this post on my blog and you'll have extremely detailed instructions. I think there are sourdough starter kits that you can buy to make a quicker starter.


Anonymous said...

How neat Heather! I am just like that mom, with no Ethiopian adoptive parents that I know of around here. I know she is just thrilled to pieces!

Elizabeth F. said...

What a cool story. God placed you in her path and her in yours for a reason.