Thursday, February 01, 2007

Habesha Me?

Is it vain to put a bunch of pictures of myself all dressed up on my blog? I sure hope not because that's exactly what I've done tonight! :) Last night Avery and I decided to play Ethiopian photo-shoot in our dining room and this is the result. The top picture is a wrap that I bought in Ethiopia to use as a sling for the baby we escorted. The next one is a fancy party dress that Abeba gave me. And the third one is a traditional Ethiopian dress that my dear friend Rosa sent me quite a while ago. It was the first thing I had ever received from Ethiopia and I still remember how much it completely made my day. I wonder if I could pass for Habesha?! :) (Ethiopian)

The news on our adoption is that our agency's country rep needs to pick up a letter from the appropriate government offices stating that the agency is relicensed. Once she gets it, then she has to take the letter to the courts. Then once they look at it she will be able to go back and request our courtdates. The letter is supposed to take a week or two before it is ready for pick up. It's already been a week. So we'll see what happens.

I was feeling pretty sad today so I called a very dear friend to ask her to pray for me. She's an older lady and one of the things I love most about her is that she tells me the truth. She pretty much told me that she loves me, she always prays for me, God has given me assurance after assurance that He will indeed bring my kids home, and that I need to praise God in all circumstances. She told me that she will pray for me, to go to God with this, and to call her back later. Now, I don't mean to say that she gave me one of those trite religious pats on the back that is insincere and totally misses our obvious human condition! This particular friend would never do that to me. She was incredibly loving in the things she said to me and as I listened I knew how incredibly right she was. The truth is that God has been so good to me my entire life, even in the most painful of circumstances. He has never left me. He is good and He is faithful. At all times. Always. And that alone is reason enough to give Him praise. I'm not totally there yet. But I'm getting there. Funny how life can be such a roller coaster! Completely at peace one day and so sad the next. And through it all God tolerates my mood swings. AND He even loves me in my mood swings! How's that for love?!

Enjoy the photo shoot! :)


Nichole...aka Mia's Mommy said...

Had to pop over and say Hey, my sis is Anita and I saw your comment and was curius. We just brought our little one home from Guatemala so we are a very adoption friendly say the Anyway the outfits are neat. I have very few from our trips to Guat, but it is a short enough distance andcheap enough that we plan to take Mia back some day to visit her foster family, whom we are still in contact with.


KelseyChristine said...

You look so beautiful! Very cool pics :-)
Still prayin for a courtdate...

On a side note Guess what?! A boy at my school offered to tutor me in Amharic! And the ESL director is going to try and get me some grammer books. Maybe I'll be as fluent as you soon!

owlhaven said...

How fun!\
Come on, court date!!!!

praying, praying...


reneegrace said...

oh, you look so so cute!!


Anonymous said...

perhaps you should leave habesha culture to habesha people. Besides u ruined the outfit.