Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Burakaeyae- "My Blessings"

Burakaeyae is Amharic for "My Blessings"...or at least that's what I think it means! I've been studying Amharic for several months now as I've been waiting for my two Ethiopian blessings to come home and join my three American blessings. (If you're more advanced in Amharic than I am, you will hopefully let me know if I ever write anything offensive in my limited knowledge of the language!)

My first burakae (blessing) is my husband of nearly seven years, Avery. Together, we have four of the most beautiful children God ever made! Seriously, they really are! Unfortunately, only two of them actually live in our family right now. The other two are well cared for at the orphanage/foster home operated by our adoption agency in Ethiopia, though it is my constant prayer that they will soon be home with our family. Our Ethiopian son is 9, our American daughter is 5, our Ethiopian daughter is 4, and our American son (the baby of our family) is also 4.

My primary hope for this blog is that through sharing with the world a glimpse of the wonderful, scary, exciting, happy, painful, funny, quiet, beautiful days that our family has been given, that the name of Jesus will be lifted high and that God's love will be evident through the joys and the sorrows alike. I also would like to invite our friends and family to check back often for updates on the eminent homecoming of our two Ethiopian burakae.

As I type, the house is quiet...well, Avery and I are actually watching the final game of the Stanley Cup and I believe we're about to see the North Carolina Hurricaines win the Stanley Cup! For those of us living in North Carolina, that's a huge deal! OK, truthfully, I don't know the first thing about sports, but who can help but to get caught up in the excitement?!

My two American burakae are sound asleep in their beds right now. No, I take that back. They're sound asleep in their Ethiopian siblings' beds right now. They've decided that "keeping thier beds warm for them" is a job of utmost importance! It's really very sweet. I cannot wait for the night when I can finally tuck all four of my burakae into their beds and kiss their sweet little faces and ask Jesus to watch over each of them while they sleep. What a beautiful night that will be...

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