Friday, June 23, 2006

Kaldanyanetyae "My Sense of Humor"

Avery says that I think I'm much funnier than I really am. The last time I taught a Living Waters class, one of the participants commented to me that a good comedian never laughs at their own jokes! I kid you not, there are people who call me when they're having a bad day simply because they know I'll give them something to laugh about. I'm not exactly sure what that says about me??? It seems though that not everyone appreciates kaldanyanetyae! Who knew?!?!

This adoption has gone on far too long. The "excited" phase ended a long time ago. Next came the "anxious" stage. Then the "what if my kids never come home?" stage. Then the "have I been scammed out of a whole bunch of money?" stage. Then the "cry all day" stage. Then the "come to God with my broken heart" stage. Then the "acceptance that regardless of what happens, God is still good and God is still sovereign" stage. Now that I've made it to that stage, I'm at the "might as well laugh- it's better than crying" stage.

To mark this stage, I've decided that from now on, all of the posts that I send to our adoption agency's yahoo user- group will be written entirely in Amharic! The significance of this is that I'm claiming to our adoption agency that this process has gone on so long that I've had time to become completely fluent in Amharic. Last week, our adoption agency's director feared that I was becoming panicky and possibly wouldn't know how to handle all of the baggage that adopted kids come with. Her suggestion was that I spend some time reading adoption related books. As soon as I read it, I knew that she was merely trying to keep me busy! I actually would follow her advice, but I'm sure I've already read every single book that was ever written about adoption! So instead, I'm taking up "mommy-blogging" and posting to our adoption agency in complete Amharic! That should keep me busy for a while.

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