Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wend Lidjyae- "My son" Lucas

Lucas and Carrots

Lucas and Carrots
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Heather Ababa.

Wend lidjyae means "my son" in Amharic. My son, Lucas, is one of the funniest four-year-olds I've ever seen. This kid is so funny that there are times when I really ought to discipline him, but all I can do is laugh!

Tonight, we watched NBC's new talent search show, "America's got Talent." There was this old guy who is a stripper. He wasn't reallly sexual so much as he was disturbed. Yea, I know- enough said! Well, the guy had already taken off his shirt and barred his oiled up chest before we covered the kids' eyes. During the commercial break, Lucas announced that the next time he dances, he's going to take his shirt off. Then, he asked, "Why was his skin so sparkly?" All of the other acts were quite fine for the kids. Lucas has spent every commercial break immitating the acts in order to get us to laugh.

We live in a world where it's pretty acceptable for people to say they "pray" or "talk to God." But once you start letting people know that God talks to you too, they want to medicate you! Well, Lucas definitely knows what God's voice sounds like. Last March when we started talking about adoption with the kids, we told them that we were going to adopt one sister. From the get go, Lucas insisted that his new sister also had a brother and that we needed to adopt him too. You see, at the time, he had an imaginary brother and to him, his brother was every bit as real as this "adopted sister" who for all intensive purposes, was Mommy and Daddy's imaginary daughter! The poor little guy would break my heart talking about his brother and how he didn't have parents or food to eat. He insisted that this brother was real. We told him that God would have to tell Mommy and Daddy if we needed to adopt a brother too. The little guy prayed every single day that God would bring his brother home. God must have smiled because eventually, Avery and I both knew that God did indeed have an Ethiopian son for us as well. Truly, when we started this adoption, we had no intention of adopting two kids. We were certain that we were going to adopt just one daughter. It was Lucas constantly talking so passionately about his brother that started to make my heart break for a son as well. I thought, if this is really what God wants us to do, then Avery will know too. I'll never forget the night I heard Lucas talking to Avery about his brother. Instead of the typical "ask God to give you a brother," Avery told him that he could have a brother! Had it not been for Lucas's love for his brother, we may have missed what God was wanting to do in our family.

If only I could have the faith that he has! Wend lidjyae is amazing!

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