Tuesday, December 12, 2006

In 16 Days I'm Going To Ethiopia To Visit My Kids!!!

That's right! In 16 days at this time, I am scheduled to be in Washington DC trying to find the airport with Avery so that we can get on an airplane headed for Addis Ababa where I will spend 4 1/2 glorious days with Yosef and Mihret! A most precious woman has given us the best gift ever- two tickets to Ethiopia! My babies can't come home to my family, but what a measure of comfort and peace I have in knowing that very soon I will be with them. God reminded me of my lament from a couple of weeks ago when I realized I wouldn't know Mihret while she was still five. Indeed, I will know her while she is still five! :)

So, anybody who still wants to send a bag, I need to have them by Dec. 23 so that I will have time to pack. We know a man (who generously helped us to fund our adoption) who is from North Carolina, but he spends about 6 months out of each year in Addis doing humanitarian and community economic development projects. He's a most humble, generous man. He will be helping us to distribute the bags so that those in need will receive them and also to ensure safety for Avery and me. Some call it a small world- I call it God's sovereignty- but this man is going to be on the same flight as us going to Ethiopia!

As far as our adoption, our agency is still awaiting their relicensure. It seems that once some requested documentation is provided to the Ethiopian government, the license is expected to be issued. Of course, this all takes time. I would ask though that if you're reading this, and if you're the praying type, that you take a minute to pray for the director of our agency. She had been traveling for the past couple of weeks in Africa when all of this was discovered about the documentation. On top of the stress of having to deal with that, her adult son has become critically ill and she is having to deal with that too. As a mother, my heart aches for her right now. Hopefully good news will be coming soon. But until then, I'M GOING TO ETHIOPIA TO MEET MY KIDS!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


That is SO awesome! I can't wait to hear about the trip!
I also wanted to congratulate you for cooking Ethio food for your new Ethio friends . . . and getting a great review (a la Avery's blog)! (I don't do whole chickens either, so I'm with you on that one, Sista!)


KelseyChristine said...


I am so excited for you. YAY!!