Friday, December 01, 2006

Sehaiyu- "The Sun"

It's been a most dreary day today. It's been windy, chilly, and rainy. Just a very grey day. What a perfect day to match the dreariness in my heart! God reminded me that sehaiyu (the sun) does still shine. He reminded me of the song that has become my mantra, "Even though I can't see the sun through these clouds, I know it still shines...Even though I can't understand why this storm still blows...I love Your rain." I was driving home today when this song came on. What a timely reminder of God's faithfulness as the windshield wipers swished the dreariness of the day off the windshield. Later, still pondering this, I sat down at my computer to check my email, the room was suddenly very bright as though it were a sunny day at the beach! I looked out the window and saw that the sun had found a pocket from which to shine right through the thick grey clouds overhead. I went outside and stood in the middle of the pouring rain so that I could see the bright sun penetrating straight through all of that darkness. As I stood there, (with my neighbors surely thinking I've gone truly crazy!) I realized how absolutely beautiful the rain is today. "...I love Your rain..."

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