Monday, December 11, 2006

Yesus On The Streets Logo

The response to Yesus On The Streets has been phenomenal! We will have no problem filling our suitcases with little treasures for these beautiful people. We are asking that all bags be received no later than Saturday, December 23 so if you still want to send something, send me a private email requesting the address of our church, which has volunteered to serve as a collection site for the bags:

For those who would like to help solicit bags for Yesus On The Streets, you can use the following link for the logo:
And this is the link for the blog post that explains what this project is all about:

Please, take this idea and either participate in Yesus On The Streets, or transform it into something that you can use to get your own community involved in a similar project! Thank you to all for your generous hearts toward the people of Ethiopia!

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