Saturday, November 18, 2006

Asaddagi Enatochun- "The Foster Mothers"

Because I have no common sense at all, I took some time last night to watch the little video clips Avery brought me of Yosef and Mihret. Yosef said (imagine adorable Ethiopian accent for full effect), "Halo Mom! How are you? I love you Mom. I love you Kaitlyn. I love you Lucas." Priceless! Mihret said in her quiet little whisper, "I love you mom." Everytime I watch those videos, it makes me want them that much more, which is why I say that I obviously have no common sense! I can't have them right now, so why do I torture myself this way?!?! Well, it's because they're mine and I love them.

Anyway, as I was watching these videos, I was reminded once again of the amazing women who take care of them for me. Asaddagi enatochun must be women of steel! To take care of that many kids day in and day out and never appear frazzled! I'm amazed! I can tell by the way they always have a kid hanging on them, yet never seem irritated by it, that they are very special people indeed. As I watched the video, I wondered if they even realized how special they are. It means so much to me to know that my kids are being cared for by these women in my absence. Mind you, I firmly believe that there is nobody on the face of this planet who can love them and care for them like Avery and I, nobody who wants to see them come to our family as much as us, (well, I do have a few people in my life who might be almost as upset about the delays as us- but only almost!) but while we wait, I'm so thankful that asaddagi enatochun are there for my Yosef and Mihret. Good news coming soon...

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