Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Teru And Negar- "Something Good"

We had to pay to have our fingerprints re-done. Though they are set to expire at the end of November, we didn't schedule to have them re-done because we had were assigned a courtdate. But, when that fell through, we realized we would have to have it done again. Usually, it takes 90 days to get them completed. That would mean that even if our kids are cleared to come home by the end of December, which is what we're hoping for at this point, we still would have had to wait until the end of January to travel due to our fingerprints. Well, I tried and tried to get CIS to expedite it given our circumstances, but they said they couldn't. In tears, I finally accepted that I would have to wait an additional two months to get my kids home. In a final attempt though, I sent CIS an email thanking them for their help and asked them to please consider us for any cancellations they might receive. Since we live 4 hours from the fingerprinting center, I told them that we would need only 4 1/2 hours notice of any available appointments. The very next morning, I received an email saying that there had been a cancelation for Nov 27th! The results will be emailed to the US embassy in Ethiopia within 48 hours! Finally, Teru And Negar!


Sharon said...

HURRAY!!!! I'm really excited for you. I was worried about what would happen if there was a gap in time between the two sets of fingerprints. Hopefully everything will happen really soon!


richlisad said...

That is great news Heather. We have been fortunate that our office allows us to be printed on the spot - we walk in with no appointment. I think the larger offices are less user friendly.

Good news though that you will be ready when you get the new court date. We continue to pray for you guys.

Did you get your hands on Change Me On The Inside?

Anonymous said...

Yay! Funny how God always seems to do these things when we least expect it!