Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Layla Teru And Negar- "Something Else Good"

Last week, teru and negar (something good) finally happened that would eliminate delays in getting our FBI fingerprints renewed. Due to a cancellation, we were able to get an appointment for next week. That was good, as before, we were going to have to wait up to 90 days to get them done.

Well, yesterday, layla teru and negar (something else good) happened for us! Our homestudy expires the first week of January, and while we had previously thought this wouldn't be a problem, we're now cutting it close even if we were to by some miracle get a courtdate this week or next. So, we finally bit the bullet and called our homestudy agency to find out what we would need to do in order to get our homestudy updated and therefore, keep it current. Initially, it was going to cost us nearly $1,000 by the time we paid for the services of the agency and all of the new documentation we would need to get. The woman on the phone was incredibly nice to me and explained why they have the policy and fees regarding the update. I truly did understand and let her know that I wasn't upset with her and that I would probably have the same policy in her shoes. She then indicated that she was under the assumption that we were needing an update for a second adoption. That's when I started to cry. I couldn't help it. I told her that we're still working on our first adoption. She must have had a lot of compassion on us in that moment because she said she'd talk to the finance department and call me back. In less than an hour, I got a phone call saying that given our situation, they would do our homestudy update for $350! We will only need to get physicals and criminal checks from our county.

God is very faithful. When we finally resigned ourselves to the fact that we needed to get our homestudy updated, we also knew that God, knowing the timeframe we would be on from the beginning, would provide the money to pay for it. Instead of giving us the money, He gave us a homestudy agency that would have compassion for us. Faithful. Always faithful.

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