Thursday, November 02, 2006

Marta and Meklit, News, and Bunna

Check out Rich's blog over at No More Counting The Cost and then take a few minutes to pray for his girls in Ethiopia and for their family here in America. Their courtdate is scheduled for Friday. They were already delayed once and we're praying that the news tomorrow will be that Marta and Meklit officially have a new family.

Amasegenalo (Thank you) to all who fasted and prayed for our kids yesterday. Our agency was told by the government to check back next Tuesday to see if the liscence had come through yet. The director for our agency is going to Ethiopia today and won't be back until next Thursday. So, we may not get any news until after she returns.

Also, Amasegenalo to my dear friend Rosa. There's nothing like a gift to cheer a weary, sad heart. Yesterday the mailman delivered a package to me containing green unroasted Ethiopian coffee beans, a container full of spices for making Chai (Ethiopian Tea) that look and smell out of this world, and a chart to hang up with all of the Amharic letters, numbers, and the American letters and numbers. For anybody who has never made bunna (Ethiopian coffee) by roasting your own beans, I highly recommend that you try this at least once. It will be the most delicious, rich cup of coffee you have ever tasted. It's so rich that there is a film of oil on the top of the coffee. The oil is good, as it makes the flavor so rich and smooth. And I don't even like coffee, yet this is my recommendation!


richlisad said...

Thank you for the prayers and kind thoughts Heather. We are very excited about tomorrow, but also very peaceful about it all.

I had a great dream last night about meeting Marta, and also 3 other kids who I introduced to her as siblings...who knows!

richlisad said...


If you have Change Me On The Inside (Vineyard) put it in and play #3 Faithful. Put it on repeat, turn it up and soak in it for a while.

I think it is for you guys right now.