Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And Tikaet!!!!- "One Ticket!!!!"

Our prayer for months has been, "God, if you want one of us to go to Ethiopia before we actually go to bring our kids home, then please put it on someone's heart to give us an airplane tikaet." We didn't ask anyone for help because if someone did give us an airplane tikaet, we wanted to be able to say with all confidence that it was God's answer to us. We both agreed months ago that if one of us went, it would be Avery.

Last week, a very precious woman we've never actually met in person called to say that she is buying and tikaet (one ticket) to Ethiopia for our family!!! So, in the very near future, Avery will be with our children in Ethiopia!!! It's sureal. Not only that, but an American missionary who is from a town only 45 minutes from where we live has invited Avery to stay at his house in Addis the week he's there! We had no money to pay for such a trip, and God has taken care of every detail for us! An awesome Vineyard Church near the DC airport has graciously offered for Avery to stay overnight at his house and to drive him to the airport to make his flight. Check out their website
  • The Tapestry
  • and stop by to visit them the next time you're in DC on a Sunday evening, stop by for their worship service and enjoy a cup of coffee with these generous folks!


    5KidMom said...

    Just found your blog. All I can say is, GO GOD!!!!

    We just brought our Ethiopian daughter home in April. I will be praying that your day will come soon.

    Brianna Heldt said...

    I also just found your blog, through Avery's blog. I'm so happy for your family! Adoption is such a blessing and I am so glad that this trip for Avery is going to work out!

    I'll be praying that God gives him a safe trip and that your children can come home to you SOON!

    Lisa said...

    Heather and Avery,

    I'm so glad that Avery is going to meet your children. My prayers have been with your family. I am sorry that the kids' paperwork is still not done. I am amazed at your faith.