Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Aver- "Avery"

Aver seems to be the Amharic word for Avery. Well, at least that's what I assume since most of the kids at our agency's orphanage called him Aver all week! Avery got home on Monday afternoon from Ethiopia where he spent the week with our two Ethiopian children. Now, Avery has an awesome blog. He has only had his for a few months longer than I've had mine, but he has had over 1,000 visitors! Yea, quite impressive. Anyway, I've not previously posted a link to his blog on my blog because...well... sometimes he prints things that are a bit brash and could possibly be offensive to my family or our church. You see, I'm the p.c. one in the family. But, hey, I guess my family and our church already know Avery anyway, and what's the point in putting on a facade to please the public? So, I'm going to be referring all of you in my family and in our church to Avery's blog for the latest updates on how his trip to Ethiopia was. He will be writing all about it throughout the next week or so. So, check out my awesome (though somewhat unorthodox) husband's blog!
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    5KidMom said...

    So glad to hear he made it home safe. I've been praying. Looking forward to the trip updates!