Sunday, July 02, 2006

Nasanat- "Freedom"

Our kids' paperwork didn't get signed; small chance of getting courtdate before courts close; clueless as to what it means for them if their paperwork isn't signed; cried a river; came to Jesus with broken heart; remembered that God is sovereignly in control; ate chocolate pie; feeling better now! (For friends and family reading this page, that was a brief rundown of the last few days!)

Now, a brief post in honor of America and nasanat (freedom). Nasanat is a word I learned from an Ethiopian man today at the Ethiopian church we went to. If you follow Ethiopian news at all, you know that there has been violence off and on since the elections in May 2005. The man we met at church today told us of the violence in Ethiopia; how when people don't like the government, they go out into the bush and obtain weapons and kill people. He expressed how blessed he was that he has now seen two elections for an American president. He was so overwhelmed during the last presidential election when the first perosn he saw congratulate President Bush was John Kerry; when John Kerry was an invited guest at President Bush's innauguration. He said, "That is what happens in a Christian nation."

I'm increasingly humbled by talking with Ethiopians in America. I'm increasingly realizing how many freedoms I enjoy. As an American, I have always enjoyed nasanat. I've never seen a ku rise up against the government. I've never had a family member shot by the police in order to silence their political opinions. I've never seen anyone get slaughtered in broad daylight when it was found out that they were a Christian caught in the wrong part of the country. I have never had friends who opposed the government suddenly "disappear" never to be heard from again. Our nasanat is so precious in America. In meeting new Ethiopian friends who honestly understand how blessed they are to live in America, for the first time ever, I am catching a glimpse of how blessed I am to have always lived in America. Nasanatyae is burakae- "My freedom is a blessing". Happy Birthday America!!

PS- Can I have a PS on a blog? Well, I have one. We were discussing America's birthday, and how some people are born on and around holidays with our 4 and 5 year olds today. Our 4 year old suddenly got that look in his eyes that showed he was about to make a startling revelation. After some deep thought, he announced, "Guess what?! I was born on my birthday!"

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