Monday, July 17, 2006

Avery in Addis Ababa!!!!!

Avery safely landed in Ethiopia yesterday to visit our two beautiful Ethiopian children!!!!! I am sooooo jealous, yet soooooo incedibly grateful for this opportunity! It's about 6:30 PM Ethiopian time on Monday, July 16 right now. So, he's just spent the day with his kids! Wow!

Things are finally turning around for us. We're now being told that once their grandmother completes some paperwork that our agency will be able to request a courtdate to finalize the adoption. For those of you not familiar with Ethiopian adoption, the courts close every year in the fall. The courts are closing in just a few weeks, but we're still hoping for a courtdate before then. Even if we don't make it before the courts close, our case is finally ready to go to court when they re-open in the fall. It's been a very long road...but one I would travel again in a heartbeat; this is the road that has brought us to our kids. Someone reminded me this week that it's always painful when children are birthed into families. Just like labor pains, this is temporary and will be melted away when my children are in my arms at last. God is so good. Truly, He's been so good and faithful through out this difficult process. On those "will I ever stop crying" days, He was definitely there!


5KidMom said...

Praise God for answered prayers!!

Wishing you a safe journey Avery!

Brianna Heldt said...

I'm glad Avery made it there safe and sound and will be anxious to hear about the kids and the trip!

I'm so glad things are finally starting to move for you guys. Keep hangin' in there!