Friday, July 21, 2006

Kimale Yesusio- "Praise Jesus!"

Avery is in Ethiopia right now, and what a blessing to have him with our two Ethiopian children this week! For this blessing, kimale Yesusio! (Praise Jesus!) They both sound so wonderful- all of the kids at their orphanage sound wonderful. Our son's favorite women are ME!!!! and two other teenage girls at the orphanage. His favorite drink is sprite, just like Lucas. Our daughter is very very sweet and loves to quietly draw pictures, just like Kaitlyn. It turns out that the version of "I love you" that we told the kids on the video we sent is a very romantic term! oops! No wonder all the kids laughed when they watched it! :)

Things aren't looking so great for us to get a court date before the courts take their recess, but we won't give up hope until they actually close. As much as I want them home right now, and as much as my heart is broken that they are not with me, I'm overwhelmed with the sense that God is faithful to a thousand generations. When Avery met their grandmother, she kissed the cuffs of his pants while praising God.These children are dearly loved by their grandmother and were dearly loved by their mother before she died. I felt in my heart before we ever knew who these kids were that God was going to restore to them a Christian family so that He could honor their mother by caring for her precious offspring. Indeed, God is faithful to a thousand generations. He has shown his faithfulness to their grandmother, to their mother, to me, and he will be faithful to these children. He's faithful to a thousand generations, and what God is speaking to my heart is to not fear or be anxious, for He is also faithful to THIS generation.
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