Friday, August 04, 2006

Injera Day 3

The injera batter today looks just like it did yesterday. The last time I tried this, I had to do something that my dear Ethiopian friend calls "damping the whey." Now, I have no idea if this is an Ethiopian phrase, or if this is something that any American chef could tell you all about. All I know is that I can make a few meals very well, but I've never had to "damp the whey" before! At any rate, "damping the whey" means that you soak up or spoon off the liquid that has gathered on top of the injera. However, for reasons I cannot explain, there is absolutely no liquid on the top of my injera batter. It's the first time ever that there has been no liquid. What can I say? I'm an experimenter, not a chef! Tomorrow is the day that I cook the injera, so hopefully my little test will prove to be successful! I continue to leave it sitting on the counter covered with a towel for this last day of fermentation.

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