Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kan Sost- "Day Three"

Well, kan sost (day three) of this whole back to school thing started off a little better today. I managed to get up early enough to get Kaitlyn ready without having to make her rush, though I did have to tell her kolo na (hurry up) a few times. I try to incoorporate Amharic into everyday conversation with the kids. I'm not sure she appreciated the kolo na though. I did say kolo na ebakesh (hurry up please). At any rate, I got her to school on time, AND I did it without acting mean and ugly to any member of my family! If I had a gold star, I'd wear it on my forehead today. Now mind you, it's 11:18 AM and I still don't feel like I've woken up yet. But, my mission was accomplished!

I had a funny/sad question in my email this morning from a member of the North Carolina Ethiopian Adoption user group. A woman who is waiting for the courts to reopen asked if anybody had to wait through the court closures last year. The reason is struck me as funny (ironic funny that is) is because we're sitting here waiting through the closures this year. But we also had to wait through the closures last year. For most Ethiopian adoptive families, this is unheard of. But not us. Nope. We're very good at waiting. In fact, we seem to have made a hobby out of it. I wonder if we'll still be waiting next year through the courts closing? I wonder what the record is? I have this little ticker on the top of my blog that counts the days since we received our referral. Today marks the 11th month since our referral. I never imagined that it would be this way. I hear that some very foolish people ask God to give them patience. I have never been that stupid in my life. There's only one way to learn patience and I am not so dumb as to specifically request that. Yet, God in His infinite wisdom seems to think that patience is a good lesson for me! Enough already! I am patient. I promise. I am patient. Very, very patient. Our agency either doesn't know or hasn't shared yet when the courts are reopening. A couple of other agencies are saying it will be Sept. 22 though. That's just one month away. Unfortunately, I don't know if our paperwork will be ready to go or not though. I asked last week if our paperwork was finished, but didn't get a reply. Whoever said that patience is a virtue?

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5KidMom said...

It doesn't help you to be patient when you don't get information or replies to your questions. Naughty agency!!

Good job on your morning, even the "kolo na ebakesh"!