Monday, October 02, 2006

Ferd Bet- Courts

Well, supposedly the ferd bet (courts) in Ethiopia that finalize adoptions are reopened now following a two month intercession during the rainy season. We still have not heard anything about the ferd bet or our case from our agency, but I know that families from other agencies are having their cases heard this week. So, I am cautiously hopeful and optimistic about our own two Ethiopian kids. I do know that their paperwork is 100% ready for their case to be heard. I'm about a million times worse than a 4 year old trying to sleep the night before he heads to Disney World!

Take notice of my new ticker at the top of my blog. Somehow, in a very troubled psychological way perhaps, I achieve a sense of satisfaction in seeing each day of this wait counted away by my ticker. Perhaps it's because it validates what has felt like an eternity by adding a day to my ticker each midnight. Well, when we hit the 12 month mark, my ticker ceased to count the days. Rather, it will count the weeks from here on out. But, I need to be validated each and every day! So, I've added a ticker to count the days since the ferd bet reopened. I am hoping that this ticker will only count one or two weeks away. Then, I can make a ticker that counts down the days until I leave to go to Ethiopia to bring my beautiful burak (blessings) home to our family at last!

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