Thursday, October 05, 2006

YeKaitlyn Biciklaet!!- Kaitlyn's Bike!!!

On Saturday morning, Kaitlyn came to me an announced that she is old enough to ride a two-wheeler without training wheels now. Well, what can a mother say to such determination?! So, I assurred her that indeed, she is old enough and I took the risk of telling her that "today will be the day you learn to ride your bike." Sure enough, after just a little bit of trying, she was sailing along all by herself! She was so proud of herself too! Now, I do have to mention that we took her around the block on her bike and she was going so fast that she couldn't make a turn. She ended up hitting a car parked on the street and flying off her bike where she landed in the grass. Thank God for helmets! And for good rear bumpers too!


chel said...

YEH, for Kaitlyn!! I always find they big moments bitter sweet:-)

Mom said...

Kaitlyn, Papa and I are so proud of you. You are growing up way too fast though. We can't wait to go bike riding with you when we come down in Feb. Way to go sweetheart. You look so big on your bike.

Elizabeth F. said...

I'm finding so many people on blogspot tonight! First Avery, now you, who else will I find? So funny! I will link you!