Monday, October 23, 2006

YaLejochae Manyata Baetoch- "My Kids' Rooms"

What does one do during the last days of pregnancy? Well, you decorate the nursery and make it looks oh so perfect for when the baby comes home, right? I think that Yosef and Mihret might not like it if I decorated a nursery for them, but I think they are going to love their new rooms that they'll share with Kaitlyn and Lucas! My mother-in-law sent Lucas and Yosef an early Christmas present in the mail today. It was the coolest glow-in-the-dark outerspace sheets (both summer and flannel!), comforters, and a bedskirt! She had already given Kaitlyn and Mihret matching Disney princess flannel sheets and quilts.

I had so much fun getting their beds all ready today. It was even more fun than decorating a nursery, as these kids are going to notice the decor, unlike a baby! I can't say for sure that they'll like it or appreciate it, but they'll definitely notice! :)

Kaitlyn, my aspiring artist colored the signs for on their bedroom doors last year. Lucas has been sleeping in Yosef's bed for several months now. He says he's keeping it warm for his brother until he gets here. He was quite upset with me when I made the rule today that he would have to start sleeping in his own bed so that Yosef's bed would stay ready for him to come home. I wish I could get inside his 4-year-old mind and understand his logic sometimes!

To my wonderful mother-in-law, THANK YOU!!!!! Not only for these wonderful beds, but for all the fun I had today in preparing for this soon-to-be homecoming! I cannot wait until I can tuck all four of my blessings, burakaewochae, into their little beds. Soon...


owlhaven said...

Oh, Heather, it looks just wonderful!!



Mom said...

Hi Heather, The rooms are so adorable. I'm sure the kids will them. Kaitlyn, nice art work! We are so looking forward to being grandparents again! :o) We love you all.

5KidMom said...

I'm so glad you finally get to experience the "fun" stuff in this adoption journey. The rooms look great!!

Saorsa said...

Heather- Congratulations! The rooms look great and the kids are going to love them. We've been praying for you and your family (our seminary has been praying with us). God bless.

Vanessa (and Seth)