Thursday, October 12, 2006

YeLucas Fotowoch- Pics of Lucas

Lucas with my best friend's 3 month old baby. Don't you love the expression?! After I temporarily babysat this baby for about a month, Lucas has decided that he wants a baby. I didn't make the mistake of telling him to "pray for a baby" because I know how God honors the prayers of children and I really don't think I want another baby! I loved snuggling with this baby, but they tire me out too much...Yea, like adding a 5 year old and a 9 year old to our family won't tire me out, huh?! I have to admit though, it does look pretty natural to see Lucas with this little baby...let's just say that it would take a miracle to convince Avery...maybe I should start a blog petition to get Avery to agree to adopting a baby...maybe a cute little baby from the US fostercare system...OKAY SELF!!!! SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!! :)

This is Lucas' latest bathtub trick. The scary thing is that sometimes he does it without holding his nose, so I'll come into the bathroom to check on him and he's just lying on the bottom of the tub with his entire face submerged in water and sometimes his eyes are wide open! Needless to say, I stay right by the bathroom these days when he's taking a "play bath" as he calls it!


Mom said...

I for one happen to think that a little baby is a great idea!!!! Cute pics of Lucas. He's growing up so fast. They both are.

Avery said...

and I for one say I love kids, fill up the house, but they are going to be potty trained and walking first!!!