Friday, October 20, 2006

Passing The Time

I'm doing my best to stay busy while we wait for our courtdate to come! For a while now, I've had a compulsive need to check my email multiple times a day, as I knew that when there was news on my kids, it would be sent to me in an email. Well, now that I have a courtdate scheduled, that compulsion has suddenly lifted! What a relief too. I was spending far too much time on the computer and far too little time in "real life."

So, to keep busy, I got my injera starter out of the fridge and successfully revived it this week. My injera is near perfect in appearance and quite good in taste. My only problem is that if it sits around for more than half a day, it gets dried out. It doesn't seem to matter whether I cover it or not. And if I refrigerate it, I might as well forget it. Also, it's darker than what I've purchased commercially. Any thoughts on this?

We invited some people over for Ethiopian food last night and their 4 year old spent the night. When I tucked her into bed, I asked her if she liked the Ethiopian food. She wrinkled up her little nose and said very definitively, "NO!" I asked her why not and she said, "Because it's from China!" At least she gave me a good laugh! Kaitlyn on the other hand has decided that injera is her favorite food now and that she loves Ethiopian food, which I don't think is really true, but hey- whatever floats her boat is fine with me.

I've decided that my life has become completely unstructured. My problem is some sort of adult ADD. It's where adults start one task, get distracted by another, then another, then another, and eventually realize that nothing ever actually got finished, yet work was done the entire day and there's nothing to show for it at bed time. Sound familiar to anybody?! So, I'm going to begin putting some boundaries around how I spend my time. Avery said it's all about prioritizing! :) So, because the boundary I have established for my blog is that I need to finish by 8:30 this morning, I'm signing off with one final plea to anybody who is willing to take 30 seconds out of their day, PLEASE pray that Yosef and Mihret's courtdate goes smoothly next Thursday!

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Mom said...

Hi Heather. I just wanted to let you know that we asked for prayer for you guys in church yesterday and in particular for Thurs. We will be waiting to hear. And praying all day. We love you and we know it won't be long now till the kids join your / our family. We give much thanks. This is like awaiting the birth of a new baby and we will be grandparents again. It's exciting.