Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lucas's Wisdom

My four-year-old son is a very wise little guy. Our family prays everyday for our Ethiopian kids. Yesterday, knowing that the courts are now assigning courtdates, I prayed "Lord, please let us get our courtdate this week." Lucas said, "Mommy, we keep on asking God for "one week" and that just makes the time longer!" Not quite understanding, I assurred him that I understood how long it was seeming to take (That's an understatement!). He said, "No Mommy! Praying for "one week" takes a long time! Instead, we should pray for a courtdate tomorrow!" Duh! We're supposed to talk to God truthfully from our hearts, right? Well, my heart isn't really desiring a courtdate this week! I want a courtdate right now! So, we prayed again, this time specifically asking God for a courtdate "tomorrow" thanks to my most wise four-year-old!

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