Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Addis!- New!

Yesterday I had one of those moments where you suddenly decide that you absolutely must rearrange the living room furniture all so that you can make a new decoration look just right. Except for me, it was a new count-up graphic that I wanted to add to my blog. It counts how long it's been since I had the burak (blessing) of meeting my Ethiopian kids who will be home very soon I hope. But the problem was that my new graphic was too big for my old blog. So Avery was so nice that he put his own plans aside so that he could give my blog a whole new look and allow for room for my new graphic. So, ta-da! Here is my new look!

I first saw this particular style of counter on a really cool blog by a family who is currently adopting from Ghana and is also in the very beginning stages of adopting from Ethiopia. The funny part is that I just stumbled upon this blog yesterday. I left a comment, and in turn, Anita, the mother on this blog, left a comment on my blog. It seems that she's been reading my blog for a little while, but I had no idea. I wish she would have commented a while ago so I could have found her blog! So, if you're out there and you're reading my blog, and if you also have your own cool blog, I hope you'll give me a comment so that I can know where to visit you!

And now, a picture to make your taste buds water (if you like Ethiopian cuisine that is!). This is the meal that we shared at our house with some good friends on Sunday afternoon. Good food. Good friends. God is certainly so good to us. So many burakae (blessings).


Anita and Family said...

Thank you again for your kind words Heather! Sorry I didn't comment earlier on your blog. =-)


Erin said...

I LOVE the new blog look, and my oh my, do I wish I could come over for dinner!!!! I think it looks divine, and Belane thinks so too.

I also want to send you a big old cyber hug... I had to visit my baby Maggie in Vietnam and leave her, and it was one of the hardest things I had to do. We are praying, praying, praying that you are Avery can go and bring Yosef and Mihret HOME really, really soon. I was really frustrated for you that you traveled all that way and were only allowed to spend such a short time with them each day...
Thanks for sharing your story and know that lots of people are praying for your family.


Elizabeth F. said...

Love the new look! And the food looks sooo yummy!

Leisa said...

Hi Heather
I have been reading Avery's blog for a while and found yours through that. I love reading about your blessings and seeing the wonderful meals you are making. I cook some Ethiopian meals as a part of our family dinners. I buy the injera locally after a very bad start to making it myself. We will be in for a very long wait, here in Australia international adoption is a slow process and the Australian-Ethiopian agreement runs a little differently to the American system. But you are no stranger to waiting, I hope your kiddies will be home soon. I am glad you have the paperwork needed for court now. We have 4 sons and were officially approved just before Christmas, we are now #20 in the queue for our file to go to Ethiopia. I expect it will take 18mths-2yrs for our file to go then the same time again for an allocation. You can visit us at www.aussieopianfamily.typepad.com anytime, leave a comment if you like.
Best wishes to you and your family