Monday, January 22, 2007

My Genius Husband Found The Real Mitad Lid

Well, after I finally resigned myself earlier today to buying a 16 inch stainless steel bowl to go on top of my mitad, my husband came home and saved the day! He was so smart that he looked on the box that my mitad came in, saw that it was made by Bethany House (yes, the book publishers), then he found Bethany House's website where he located the actual lid that goes with the mitad! So, here is the link for the real deal. They don't make it easy, as you can't order it on the internet. You have to call. It was $22 including shipping. Rich over at No More Counting The Cost also found a 16 inch lid that will work, but I couldn't figure out how much it would cost. My guess is probably about the same, as that seems to be the going rate for a lid based on my shopping experience this morning.

Abeba came over today and let me borrow her lid so that I could cook the injera that I started working on last night. And I'm so excited because it actually worked! I did it totally by myself and it worked! There wasn't quite enough ain (the bubbles) around the outside edges, but Abeba said it's because I used too much teff and not enough self-rising flour. It tasted like injera should and I did it completely by myself! Did I mention how excited I am?!?! After I do it a few more times, I'll share everything that Abeba has taught me. I just want to do it myself a few more times so that I can be confident in what I share.


owlhaven said...

Can't wait for the details....


Anonymous said...

great lesson. I am not good at cooking injera related food eventough I am ethiopian. Looks like you are doing great..
Keep the blog coming..