Monday, May 07, 2007

Bird-Catching Officially Banned!

That's right. I have had to officially ban the catching of birds. At least temporarily. On Friday, Yosef caught another bird. But this time, it squirmed out of his hands and got loose inside our house! He wasn't really sure what to do with his freedom once he got it. He didn't fly out the open door as I was hoping. He just kept filtering around the living room landing on chairs, toys, sofa, books, blankets, etc. Each time he landed, I had three kids take a dive at him which caused him to fly away (of course!) as objects crashed to the ground with them! Finally, Yosef managed to get hold of the stunned little thing and I told him that he had to release it and not catch any more birds. Now they've taken up learning to do flips on the trampoline that our neighbors just gave them. Lord, please no broken bones! :)

On another note, Yosef cracked me up this morning. We were in the van and a song came on the radio about being "hungry" for God. I wasn't really noticing the song though. Yosef kept telling me "She is hungry, Mom?" as he laughed. I looked around and saw no hungry women. I didn't see any full women either! I didn't see anybody at all, but he kept insisting that "She is hungry?!" It was sort of an exclamation and sort of a question of disbelief. Then he started laughing about the hungry woman. Suddenly I realized that he was referring to the woman singing the song. Evidently, that's not a concept that translates culturally! :)


Sharon said...

I bet you won't be bored for a LONG time with that kind of energy around the house!


Brianna Heldt said...

Heehee! Too funny (about the bird and the hungry woman!)

And can I just say I love the name Yosef. That is one of our Ethiopian sons' names and I love, love, love it.

Elizabeth F. said...

Yes, a ban is called for! Whew...I cannot even imagine.

A trampoline. Sounds fun! My kids would love one. :-)

5KidMom said...

I've fallen behind on most of my blog reading over the past few weeks, but I just had the best time catching up on all the happenings of your beautiful family. I am so glad to finally see you all together, and read about the bonds that are forming. The boy "adventures" are something I am all too familiar with. Good for you for remembering to laugh (and for banning future bird catching). 8^)

I recommend an enclosure for the trampoline. I'm quite certain that is what helped us avoid many a broken bone.