Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We are going home with Lucas today!!!! The doctor came this morning and he will be going home within the next couple of hours!!!!! They still have not completely ruled out the need for surgery, but every day, more healing has taken place. I am completely confident that God is healing my baby without surgery. Last night, the very deep burns started to itch, which is such a great sign of healing.

As I talked with a close friend last night about the past two weeks, I couldn't help but realize what a blessing they have been in so many ways. Obviously, Lucas being burned is a horribly tragic thing that I would change in a heartbeat if I could. And I never wanted to leave the other three kids like this. But, it did happen. And given the circumstances, I have been very blessed these past two weeks. God has faithfully stayed by my side. So many times, Lucas has been in pain in the night and absolutely unable to fall asleep. The situation last night is one of many examples. Last night, he had become increasingly itchy and in pain over a course of a few hours. At 2:00AM, he was awake and screaming with no further pain medications available. In despair, I called a friend and we began to pray for him. Mind you, it had been an hour since his last dose of medication and he was screaming and crying out in pain still. We prayed for him and within five minutes, he was still and calm. We continued praying together for another 20 minutes or so and he fell asleep while we were praying. This happened more times in the past two weeks than I can count as my friend and I have prayed in the wee hours of the morning for Lucas to be still and sleep. My faith has seriously been strengthened to see this happen time after time during the night hours! I wish Avery had been here to see it happening. It was truly amazing!

And now we are going home!!!!! Mind you, I am fully prepared for a turbulent couple of days, as there will be much adjustment to take place with all of us. But I'm ready. And I know Lucas is ready. The hospital is so boring. He's in the burn center, which isn't set up for kids at all. So, there's not a lot for him to do. He'll be so happy to be home. And I am so happy to be seeing the other kids again. And sleeping in my own bed again. Next to my husband. With my entire family once again under the same roof. With a deeper security of God's love and faithfulness to fight my battles than I had before. Safe in the knowledge that God is answering my prayers and healing my baby without surgery. God is indeed very good. Very, very good. Always.


Sharon said...


I am SO glad that you and Lucas are able to go home. I've been praying for healing, sleep and lack of pain along with you and tons of other people - and it's happening! This is such a good day! I'll pray for the healing to continue and the itching and pain to subside. Take care,


cathy said...

WONDERFUL wonderful news. Going home is actually the best medicine of all. He will heal in no time, and you will feel so much better being out of the hospital. I'll keep praying.

5KidMom said...

Such a perfect answer to so many prayers!! Praise God!!!!!!!!!

Gardiner Family Blog Spot said...

Email me if you would like. I have an idea for a pant that might work for Lucas. I came across it a few days ago in a magizine and thought of him. I would gladly order it and send it to him. I would just need the size/color and addy for you. :)

Love in Him,
Gala in WI

Amblin said...

Wonderful wonderful news!!!!

And yes, God is good always!

Brianna Heldt said...

SO glad he is coming home!!! Will continue to keep you in our prayers.