Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lucas Monday 10:00AM

Dear Friends and Family,

First, Avery's brother, Shane, made it through surgery just fine last night and his recovery is expected to be quite fast.

Second, the doctor came to look at Lucas this morning and the news we got was most encouraging! When the doctor last saw him, he said without question that a couple of areas would definitely need surgery. It was just a question of how large an area would need to be removed and grafted. This morning, all but one of those areas was showing signs of healing on its own though! And the area that isn't starting to heal yet is at a stage where it could go either way. So, the doctor is no longer saying that he definitely needs surgery. Instead, he wants to wait a few more days and see if that one spot does start to heal on its own. So....God is still on the throne! And He is still sovereign to heal! My faith is very much encouraged this morning that God is more than able to heal this without surgery. My heart is very settled that even if he does need surgery that it will still be okay, as God's faithfulness endures forever, with or without surgery. But I really want to see God demonstrate His power to heal in my little son.

I will keep you updated and thank you for your prayers!


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5KidMom said...

Praise God!! That is outstanding news!!!

Still praying....