Tuesday, September 12, 2006

30 Days- Day 12

Last week, I decided that this should not be called 30 Days of Nothing, but that 30 Days of Less would be more appropriate. 1/3 of the way through this month, I have now decided that the most appropriate name would be 30 Days of Abundance. My cupboards are still full. My kids have gotten so many treats from people that I can't even name them all. I had to go to the store again last night (I'm hesitant to write this on my blog, but let's just say that Kotex is a western luxury) and at the checkout register, discovered that rather than owing $5, I only owed $3 thanks to another great sale. Not only that, but Kaitlyn brought home a coupon for a free 64 ounce Juicy Juice. Everytime I have to break this fast from consumerism in order to get something we need, God blesses me with a really good sale! And free juice?! Wow! Even having taken the convenience out of my life for 30 Days, my life is still so convenient! Our microwave died a few weeks ago and a woman at church brought me her old one on Sunday. I think of my African sisters who have to walk for miles to find firewood, then built the fire, then they can cook their food. Thank you God for the incredible way You are opening my eyes to the degree of blessing you've placed in my life. The blessing is so much deeper than financial wealth. I love my life! Life is fun and exciting for me. I have the most amazing patient husband in the world who tolerates me singing "Kaitlyn Ewadashalu! Konjonesh! Konjolidgenesh!" (Kaitlyn I love you. You are beautiful! You are a beautiful child!) very loud and very early in the morning! My kids love me so much that I can't even understand it! Even when I totally blow it as their mother, I tell them that I'm sorry and they instantly forgive me and love me. They're such an inspiration and example to me! I have friends who love to discuss the deep things in life. The philosophical things. And the girly things too. I'm just so blessed. Yesus: Amasegenalu burakaeyae:: (Thank you Jesus for my blessings!)


owlhaven said...

Heather, I am so much enjoying reading this. And I know after reading it that we could be friends in real life!



Heather said...

May, I am loving your blog too, and I've thought the same thing about you! :)