Friday, September 15, 2006

Saki- Smile!


This is Lary and Bob from Veggie Tales. I'm so glad that I have kids, as that gives me a most legitimate reason to watch Veggie Tales, which I think is a hilarious series. One of my favorite quotes is from Larry the Cucumber, pictured above. He said, "I laughed, I cried, it moved me Bob!" So, how does this relate to my blog? Well, yesteday, according to the comments and emails I received, I made you cry. So, today, I'll make you laugh! Saki!

First, our 30 Days of Nothing supper last night was perhaps one of the best meals I've ever had in my entire life. Seriously. Avery's work had a fancy lunch to honor all safety captains. *thinking....Hmmm....I wonder if Avery would think it was funny if I were to start calling him "Captain Safety"....I'll ruminate (ponder) later* Anyway, he brought home a to-go plate for our supper and it was the most delicious filet mignon that I have ever eaten in my entire life. This steak was so tender that a baby with no teeth could have eaten it.

Much yummier than the concoction I served earlier this week!

It is now halfway through 30 Days of Nothing and I fear I will have to spend money on toilet paper. We have one roll on the holder right now and one roll in the closet. I could start rationing out toilet paper. Or we could determine it as a luxury rather than a necessity, which in all honesty, what a luxury it is! Or I could just spend $.79 and buy another roll. I'll let my readers know once I make up my mind. :)

I'm having to ration my dish soap, but I think I'll make it until the end of the month. I only have 2 dryer sheets left. This is a real travesty for me. I use Downy that comes in a blue box. Lucky for me, I still have almost a full botttle of the liquid fabric softener. I hate rice. I also hate ground beef. What a whiner I am! I actually have lots of rice and ground beef, making me much richer and fatter than many of my sisters around the world. And yet, as much of a complainer as I realize I am, God broke into my whiny world yesterday and delivered to me the best piece of steak I've ever eaten all our of sheer love. My goodness! And I thought I loved MY kids!

We still haven't washed our clothes in the stream near our house. It rained everyday this week except for yesterday when Avery was quite late getting home from work and I had a very bad headache. (Thankfully there's the luxury of Advil in America!) When I told the kids we couldn't do it last night, Lucas started sobbing and Kaitlyn shouted, "You always say tomorrow but you never mean it!" All this because they want to wash their luandry in the river!

Also, I am very thankful for a country where there is bug spray readily available. I don't mean for on our skin, though I am thankful for that too. I mean the poison you spray around your house. If you've ever lived or traveled through the south during the summer, you'll appreciate this. We have had these horrible Palmetto Bugs, which are 3 inch cockroaches. They're awful and disgusting and fast. Now, if you're from any other part of the country where cockroaches are associated with filth and eating your food, Palmetto Bugs are different. They're outside bugs that come inside for shelter and to eat the grease behind your microwave, evidently. They don't breed in your house. They just visit, eat, and leave. But theyr'e terrible. The only way to get rid of them is to seal your house up with lots of caulk and spray poison. Thank God for poison, caulk, and my Avery who kills them for me! They're sneaky. You have to hunt them down! But Avery comes to my rescue whenever I see one. So, thank God for the burak of Avery!

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tonia/sparrow said...

Oh my goodness. I bought copier toner because I couldn't live without it, and you are not buying tp...


~warm smile~ you are very inspiring.

I am starting to run out of things too. What if I really had 2 weeks left before I could buy anything? What if no money was coming at all?

Oh, it makes me think.