Monday, September 18, 2006

30 Days- Day 18

Avery went to the store last night. The list of items he came home with:
peanut butter
sandwich meat and cheese

He went for bread and peanut butter and made an executive decision regarding everything else. I don't really have any feelings about ketchup one way or the other normally, but I've absolutely been dying for some this past week! Anything to give the potatoes a different flavor!

It's funny, but I've realized that in addition to the blessing of an abundance of food, I am so blessed with the sheer amount of variety that is at my disposal here in America! We've been eating a lot of rice, and while you can jazz it up, there's only so much you can do and I'm so sick and tired of rice! I've never been so appreciative of the fact that I can eat different foods from all around the world right here in America. Less than two weeks to go...

On Saturday we washed our clothes in a stream, which we walked about 1 mile to get to. It was actually a lot of fun. I think the kids liked it. But they were quite tired once we got home and left their bags with their clothes outside instead of hanging them up to dry. So, on Sunday morning, Lucas wanted to wear his "nice clean sweater" to church, meaning the one he washed in the stream. He asked Kaitlyn to help him find it. They came to me and asked if I knew where it was. They were astonished that Mommy hadn't dried their clothes for them!

And it wouldn't be the same without the worms, bugs, and frogs! Isn't that part of the joy of having a boy (and often girls too!)!?:)


RANDI said...

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices we have in the supermarket. Just the cereal isle alone is fairly ridiculous,if you ask me. I think it caters to meeting our specific desires and I don't know if that is necessarily good or not!

KelseyChristine said...

That frog picture is hilarious!

It is so cool that your kids are experiencing the 30 days of Nothing. They already have a global outlook on life and are learning about compassion and generosity. I hope I can instill those same values into my kids when I become a parent :)