Tuesday, September 12, 2006

30 Days- Day 13

Supper last night was an absolute failure, hence, I realized the blessing of having so much abundance as to be able to throw away enough leftovers to have eaten at least two more meals. How's that for optimistic?!

Pictured above is the supper I cooked. I don't really know what it's called, as I sort of invented it as I went. I don't think there will be a need to copyright the recipe that I'm about to share with my readers either!

First, I cooked rice in a pot, and ground beef in a separate frying pan. I had something in my cupboard called Mole Sauce (A friend moved recently and gave us all the food that was in their cupboards). I'm not a big fan of Mexican food, so I wasn't exactly sure what this sauce was used for, but the label said it was for meat. Ground beef is meat. I mixed up this mole sauce thinking I'd stir it into the ground beef and serve it over rice. In retrospect, I understand that this is not a very good idea! Once the sauce was mixed up, it smelled so bad that there was no way I was going to try to eat it! Especially not in the manner that I had thought up.

So, it's now just 30 minutes before Avery is supposed to get home from work and I have...well, I have ground beef and rice for supper. Isn't hindsight always 20/20? If I could go back, I would have just cooked some vegetables for a side dish and stopped there. But nooooooo. That's not what I did! I decided to stir barbque sauce into the meat. In Pennsylvania, they call this "barbque" and I am from Pennsylvania after all! Well, I didn't really have enough barbque sauce, so I found a little bit of salsa in the fridge. Still, there wasn't really enough to constitute a sauce. So, I added half a can of spaghetti sauce, brown mustard, and brown sugar in an attempt to simulate Pennsylvania barbque. It didn't really work out. So I decided to stir the rice into the meat mixture. Then it seemed sort of plain. So I added some frozen peas, which seemed lonely. So I added frozen corn. Then I remembered the peppers I had picked in my garden and frozen last week. Throw in a cup of frozen sweet bell peppers. Still....it needed something more. Oh yea! I had half a can of black olives in the fridge! Then, it was time for some spices. Salt..Pepper...and...hmmm...that's it....BASIL! Lots of Basil! It tasted...um...a little off. Like it just needed a little bit more of something else. Something like...1/2 cup juice from the black olives. But, what could I use for color? That's right! The tomatoes in the garden needed to be picked anyway. Throw in some cut-up peeled tomatoes and voila! The only problem was that it tasted absolutely awful! Seriously bad. But I didn't have anything else prepared, and isn't 30 Days of Nothing supposed to be about appreciating what we have and not wasting as much? So, I served it up with a side of fruit cocktail. Lucas ate every bite without complaining, which was a small miracle. Kaitlyn was actually pretty sick tonight, so she didn't even taste. I ate enough that I won't starve to death before tomorrow. And my most supportive husband ate every bite on his plate without complaining! He did thoughtfully suggest thought that I might just want to throw the leftovers away. Advice which I heeded by the way.

Now, I have come to a point in my cooking ability that I recognize what a horrible idea this was. I wish I'd have seen it in the moment, but I didn't. When we first got married, I used to cook this way all the time. I didn't know any other way to cook! I actually cook pretty decent now. I just have these little slip-ups every now and then. It keeps Avery appreciative of how much I've learned over the past few years! :)


Avery said...

This post truly does not do the meal justice. I swear I tasted pineapple in the mix somewhere. My wife's cooking endevors are the subjects of many comical stories around here.

Now mind you Heather did manage to get onto a show laste week, a cooking show none the less. They even invited her back!!!!

Honestly my wife is a good cook, and she can do kick tail wedding cakes, it's just when she screws up.... well she really screws up.

I blame her parents. They never let her have that easy bake oven she always wanted.

She has promised she will do better with the rice tomorrow night, and she reminds me to be grateful that I no longer get this kind of meal every night any more.

For real, if you come into our neck of the woods, she doesn't experiment with dinner guest, you will have a really good meal. She saves the experiments for her famliy. The people she "loves"

Just so you know she is sitting next to me laughing her butt off, and censoring half of what I write, telling me I'm funny, but don't post that.

I love her. She is a great woman. Sexy too. And she keeps me fat, it can't be that bad. (then again I work for a food distribution company and free food is in abundance there)

How messed up is that really? I honestly get a ton of expensive free food, by garbage hunting the conference room after the shareholder meetings. On many occasions I am able to bring home an entire meal for my entire family for supper. All this would simply be wasted if not for "thrifty people" like myself.

I love Heather. I love her cooking (most of the time) and I love the fact that she tries so hard to do so well. Even in disasters like this her heart is so huge, and she tried so hard.

I love You

tonia/sparrow said...

Heather, I am ROTFL! I have so been there, done that. Hilarious.

I am so glad you post every day on 30 Days...it relieves my guilt for not coming up with anything intelligent to post about daily. At least you and Mary (owlhaven) are filling in the gaps!

You have great insights. I enjoy myself here.

richlisad said...

"How To Make Your Family Appreciate Nothing"

Shane said...

That's a nice story and I like the little commentary afterwards. I entitle meals like that "Experiential Learning", never to be repeated.

I've got a policy regarding things that have sat in the fridge so long nobody knows whose or what it is. It gets 3 minutes to sit in the middle of the table and object to being eaten or crawl away. If it doesn't, it gets microwaved and doused with liquids which should kill anything microbiological, then heavily spiced and quickly eaten. I've only had mild cases of food poisoning, and I maintain they could've been coincidental. Above all else, food is not to be feared or wasted.