Wednesday, September 20, 2006

30 Days- Day 20

Today marks Day #20 of 30 Days of Nothing. 20 down, 10 to go! We're going camping this weekend, so we'll be living quite a bit like our 3rd world brothers and sisters scattered across planet Earth...oh wait, even American "camping" tends to be more luxurious than the way most of the world lives on a daily basis! We'll be joining my parents along the Outer Banks of North Carolina where we'll stay in their almost-new huge pull behind camper complete with separate bedrooms, microwave, stove, sink, and television. Oh yea, I'm sure I'll take my laptop too! We'll be eating very good this weekend, as my mother will be providing all of the food, and I sure hope she isn't cooking rice and groundbeef! Speaking of rice and groundbeef, see picture below:

Lucas helped me to come up with today's blog topic. He thought I should post pictures of our family. He helped pick them out. This is Lucas (well, his head anyway!) at the beach this summer.

Kaitlyn was having a completely serious conversation with me when she started making this face for no particular reason...aren't they always the funniest when they're not really trying?!

Now, in light of the yummy supper which found it's way into Avery's "caption me wednesday" contest, I wanted it to be known that the following day, I made due with my 30 Days of Nothing food supply, however, this time I decided to serve all ingredients separately. Also, I opted to not add the black olive juice!

When we did our washing laundry in the stream for our 30 Days of Nothing, I was actually babysitting a 7 year old girl and a 2 month old baby. So, with baby in sling, we walked to the stream. I'll be babysitting him while his mother works 3rd shift for about one month. It's a perfect situation. I get my "baby-fix" and I'm also reminded that they are an awful lot of work!

Actually, it's not hard at all when Kaitlyn takes a turn too! For some odd reason, once bed-time hits, I'm the only person left who is still willing to take their turn! Still, isn't he adorable?!


RANDI said...

Enjoy your getaway!

I love the picture of your little guy in the sand--too cute!

Stacey said...

I love the face your daughter was making! She seems like she has a great personality just from seeing that picture : )