Thursday, September 07, 2006

30 Days- Day 7 Activities

Since we're saving money for a bicycle for a family with no transportation in Africa, we're focusing this week on what a luxury it is to have transportation. Ironic that Avery's motorcycle, his daily transportation to work, broke down this week. Yet amazing how God has provided for that to be fixed, as well as for us to borrow a car from a friend until the bike is operational. Not exactly what we wanted- Avery's motorcycle breaking down that is. But my, how it has opened our eyes to the degree of blessing we have. His bike breaks and we're merely inconvenienced by it. Wow!

Today while Kaitlyn was at school, Lucas and I took a walk. You see, we're out of hair conditioner so I indulged in buying some, a luxury to many of my sisters around the world, yet just another thing I take forgranted. Rather than drive the 1/4 mile to the store, we walked. At first, he thought it was lots of fun. About half way there, the complaining started. He is only four. I explained why we were walking. He said, "Oh. It's so we don't run out of gas." I said, "Yes. And the money we're saving on gas we can put in our jar for the family's bike." That satisfied him. Then all at once, he realized that his brother and sister in Ethiopia are just as poor as the family in Kenya that we are helping. Kind of sad, he said, "I wish my brother and sister could come home to America forever." HE GOT IT!!!! He understood that they are very poor in their country and that they need to be home with our family. So, at the store, I chose the conditioner that was on sale. Then when I got to the checkout counter, the clerk informed me that she had a coupon for it and I ended up getting it for 50% off the sale price! So, I gave Lucas the leftover money for in the jar. That's when he saw some candy he wanted. When he asked me for it, I reminded him that we're not spending money this month. He rolled his eyes and said to the clerk, "Oh yea, we're having a year of NOTHING!"

When Kaitlyn got home, we needed to mail a small package, so rather than drive, we all walked to the post office. My goodness, I wonder how much time each day my sisters spend walking. Walking to get clean water (if clean water is even available) and food for their babies. Walking to the river to wash clothes. Walking to their place of worship. Walking their children to school, when they're able to afford the cost of education. I have the utmost admiration and respect for these women. To my sisters around the world, I say kudos to you for your strength. Or as they say in Ethiopia, Gobeznesh- You are strong.


tonia/sparrow said...

Beautiful post! I love how children cut straight to the heart of the matter... they just get it. (and then they roll their eyes over the lack of candy. *grin*)

I love your goal of buying the bike. You are teaching your children so well!

Praising the Lord with you for His provision.

God bless.

Andrew said...

I love those "date nights" when the kids are out of the house :o)

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